Abou Merhi Lines (AML) plays a major role in the global supply chain of second hand cars. With an increasing network of trade routes, AML endeavors to deliver customer satisfaction in terms of destinations, operations and freight rates.  

In the aim of delivering a better service, AML regularly seeks to upgrade its fleet to better service its customers. Being flexible, AML is rapid in responding to market changes. 


Abou Merhi Lines is a privately owned shipping company providing vehicle and rolling cargo transportation on a continuously growing network of routes. Established in 1992, the founders of the company, namely, the Abou Merhi Family, are involved in the day to day operations of AML, thus influencing the company's culture, and steering it towards new prospects.

AML's operated fleet is employed on three major trade routes to cater for its customers' needs. The company's flexibility in adapting to the shipping industry's volatile changes sets it apart from its competitors and provides clients with timely services.

AML's long term growth strategy consists of a customer focused approach supported by rigorously scrutinized investments that ensure steady advancements. Making use of the present managerial acumen, AML is on the constant look out for new acquisitions that can contribute to strengthening its asset base while retaining its financial strength. read more
  The customer service department at Abou Merhi Lines serves as the initial point of contact for all customer...
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